Micro business to build into a healthy growing business that can expand. A business opportunity in which investors can invest with comfort.

Whilst the economic situation is bleak, the printing business is lucrative as businesses still need to advertise.

1. T-Shirt & Mug Press Opportunity

Start your own T-shirt and mug press business. It's a lucrative business from home. Equipment and usage Training included.

2. All Purpose Printing

Start your own corporate gift printing business. This All Purpose Printer can print on Pen, Lighters, Golf Balls, Tiles,
Painter canvas, CD's and DVD's, etc. In full colour. You can print on items 20 cm. thick and you can do low volumes as well as high volumes.

3. Screen Printing

Start this easy to do, highly lucrative run from home business. 
Full hands on training given, so that you can successfully do from home.

4.  Brokering - This is a great business opportunity

You can market all printing products, like pamphlets, invoice books, signage, Business Cards, Banners etc. and add a good markup for yourself.
All your contacts and friend can give you large income every month.
 (you will need to come and see us for full details)

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