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Fence Making

Diamond Wire Mesh Formula

For example if you use 2.5mm wire and 50mmx50mm mesh size.

If the fence is 1.5m wide and 2m high, then it will be 3 square meter.
The fence is 1.61kg/m2, so it weight 3 x 1.61kg = 4.83kg.
1kg wire = 25.9m, so it totally will be used 25.9*4.83=125m wire.

If the fence is 2m wide and 2.4m high, it is 4.8 square meter, the weight will be 4.8kg x 1.61 = 7.728kg,
the used wire will be 7.728kg. x 25.9 = 200m

 Wire Mesh making machine

Machine specification as below:
Wire diameter:2-6mm
Hole size:50*50mm-200*200mm
Mesh width:1.2m
Mesh length:6.0m

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